A Quick Baked Breakfast

We have had visitors this week and our routine is a bit of out of whack and whilst the food has been healthy, our menu planning and meal prep for the week has not been on track ..... it was Wednesday night last night and no big deal but we had no breakfasts or lunches cooked for today or Friday ... so I just wanted to share how throwing together some delicious breakfasts for the rest of the week went.

The first thing to do was to look in the fridge and see what’s there ....

  • A chorizo sausage left over from pizza night

  • There was half a jar of Nachos topping from the kids cooking Nachos Sunday and I thought that was close enough to baked beans for a breakfast meal

  • Spotted a left over zucchini, so of course I needed to use that

  • Then there is always the standard general fridge items of, mushrooms, capsicum and onion

I think its important to note as I write this blog, that the whole concept of the Plates on Sticks ‘Health Living Plate’ is to ensure that everything we cook day to day is quick, easy and simple to prepare ..... because we have all of our other ‘Plates in Life’ that are spinning and need our attention too.

In our house it was Ribs night last night, so when that was all sorted and homework underway for one kid, soccer training for another, uni banter and of course there was a game of pool in the kitchen under way ..... I reckon I had 15 minute window to throw it together.

A quick 3 minutes to chop up all that I had grabbed out of the fridge, throw it in a pan with some olive oil, garlic and chilli paste including that half a jar of Nachos topping ...... and it was simmering away .... a few more shots of pool and then I cracked 3 eggs and whisked them up with a little milk, poured that into the pan, topped with some grated cheese and some freshly chopped coriander, popped the pan in the oven for 10 more minutes .... and I just had time to enjoy the rest of the game of pool.

Easy as that ..... popped them in containers and in the fridge ready for us to take to work this morning.

I just want to finish by saying that cooking really good and creative food does not need to be a chore, take a lot of time and most importantly cost a bomb ! .... if I do say so myself this tasted pretty good too.

#DreamBig #DeliverBigger

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