Welcome to Plates on Sticks 

Welcome to Plates on Sticks.


My name is Greg Fletcher-Harriss and I am delighted to welcome you to 'Plates On Sticks', a consultancy, public speaking and workshop facilitation business with a difference.


I have a motto that I try to live my life by, which is simply ‘shut up – or do something about it’


Fundamentally this means that I believe that we all spend too much of our time wishing, pondering, or even complaining about many areas of our lives and the people and environment around us …. Yet spend too little time actually doing something about it.


With a background of 10+ years in the health and fitness industry and more recently 20+ years of running a business that focuses on the use of IT and communications technology to drive productivity and profitability in businesses of all sizes, my core passion still remains – I simply want to help people change their lives, their environment and or their businesses, to encourage them to stop just talking about it and actually do something about it.


So I felt it was time to practice what I preach and put the two major areas of my life ‘health and well-being’ and ‘business productivity’ together in a unique blend of utilising technology and business principles to provide the ultimate foundation of ‘life / work balance’ … and launch my new business – Plates On Sticks.


I am sure we have all seen the circus performer spinning plates on sticks as part of their act, running up and down the stage giving each stick a wobble to ensure all of those plates keep spinning.  Picture each plate an area of our lives, one for our health, one for our mental health, one for our family, one for our career … you get the picture, the list goes on.  Well if we do not pay enough attention to one of those areas it will come crashing down around us and often break into a thousand pieces.


I hear so many people say that keeping all these ‘plates spinning’ or ‘balls in the air’ (as so many use as the analogy), “it’s hard work”, “it’s tiring”, “it’s hard to do”, “it’s hard to prioritise”, “Its hard to be consistent” … and I can’t even count the amount of times I have heard “I simply don’t have time”.


But I assure you there are some simple yet super effective tools and habits that you can develop to ‘keep those plates spinning’ so that yes, you can live a healthy, successful, balanced and soulfully rich life.


So, welcome to Plates On Sticks, hang on for the ride because it’s going to be fun.