S.O.S. can actually S.O.S.

Welcome to the first Plates on Sticks blog …… Have I confused you already with the title of my first blog?..... Please let me expand on the acronyms …… a ‘System of Structure” can actually 'Save Our Soul'

So how does this relate to ‘life / work balance’ and what does it have to do with how Plates on Sticks can help you and your business?

When you think of the traditional S.O.S. signal it was used is a time of distress, of impending disaster or a position of helplessness, a distress signal that was sent out when there was seemingly no hope and when assistance was required.

This traditional use of S.O.S. is not too dis-similar to what we require when we get overwhelmed with a situation at work, suffer some mild cases of anxiety, feel overwhelmed in life, or simply don’t know where to start when tackling a goal, the reality is, that we often can’t see our way out of what seems a desperate or complicated situation.

I would suggest that most day to day situations we find ourselves in, where this feeling of despair touches us or even engulfs us, is not only fixable but preventable buy having a ‘System of Structure’ that can be implemented in any given situation to provide clarity and a step by step plan to keep life or the situation on track.

A well-known quote that is often used when people find an impending task or situation overwhelming is:

Q: “How do you eat an elephant?

A: “One bite at a time”

So if we use this concept in our day to day lives when confronted with seemingly elephant sized big issues, big tasks, big challenges or big changes …. We can break down the enormity of the situation into manageable steps or tasks with a simple ‘System of Structure’. A structured step by step approach to tackle what seems overwhelmingly un-achievable.

And if we can do this, the potential soul destroying effects of anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed can be addressed and we can actually ‘Save our Soul’.

In coming blogs, I look forward to sharing more about the details around building a ‘System of Structure’ and other Plates on Sticks tools and principles such as the ‘Map of Life’, the ‘Personal Strategic Planning’ process and ‘Living Life by the 80/20 Rule’

#DreamBig #DeliverBigger

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