The Healthy Living Plate

Slow Cooked Beef & Sweet Potato Pies

It’s no secret to those I know well, that I am a bit of a frustrated ‘wanna be chef’ in my personal life.

But my passion for cooking, meal prep and planning is all very much part of me continuing to develop and fine tune the Plates on Sticks - ‘System of Structure’.

As one of the ‘core life plates’ in the Plates In Sticks philosophy is “The Healthy Living Plate” I thought I would combine it all together for a series of blogs around juggling a busy family / personal / work life with some of my spins on simple, home cooked healthy recipes, structured meal prep and meal / shopping planning ..... I hope you will check in on Facebook, Instagram and here on my blog regularly and hopefully you may gain some simple and healthy ideas you can use in your own life !

Please feel welcome to 'like' or 'share' with your friends, anything that interests you you .... and of course if you have any feedback or questions then please do not hesitate to reach out to me any time

#DreamBig #DeliverBigger

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