Shut Up ‘or’ Do Something About It

I want to say from the outset that I am going to be a bit ‘in your face’ with today’s blog and I sincerely agree and understand that there are many serious and often debilitating issues in life that the following principles do not apply such as domestic abuse and chronic addictions to name a couple. I trust that every one of you that read this understand that I am taking

about the 95% of the rest of the population and issues that may find some value in these 7 words …. Shut Up ‘or’ Do Something About It.

How often have you heard someone go on and on and on about something from the trivial such as “I can’t stand the way Mary always talks over me” through to “OMG I look so fat in this” …. Can I suggest that in these two examples you either;

  • You approach Mary and talk it through it and explain how you feel … or shut up

  • You make a commitment to healthy eating and exercise …. or shut up

The issue here is I firmly believe (albeit a little controversially) that if you are not prepare to at least have a crack at changing the circumstance or the environment …. I believe you fundamentally should give up your right to complain about it.

Harsh? Yes maybe and of course as I mentioned in my opening not relevant to the 5% of serious issues that confront many is our society …. But for the day to day stuff … this is not rocket science

So if I haven’t offended you by now … and you think maybe I do this in a small way at times …. It leaves you with 2 very clear choices …. I must say that both are ok if you are ok about it … the 2 choices are:

  1. Change – simply do something about it no matter how big or small have a crack at changing it

  2. Shut Up – nicely put … accept it, understand it, agree with it, make peace with it

I am not sure you should be going around telling people in your life “Shut Up or Do Something About It” but I am suggesting it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to have a good look at ourselves regularly and ask the question of ourselves …. I have it written on the whiteboard in my office and I look at it often and think …. Yep I need to do it more often

#DreamBig #DeliverBigger

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