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"each facet or area of our life is like a circus performer's plates spinning on sticks, if we simply do n't pay enough attention to one 'plate'  ....... it will crash to the floor".

a fresh approach to life!


Welcome to Plates on Sticks.


My name is Greg Fletcher-Harriss and I am delighted to welcome you to 'Plates On Sticks', a consultancy, public speaking and workshop facilitation business with a difference.


I have a motto that I try to live my life by, which is simply ‘shut up – or do something about it’



Fundamentally this means that I believe that we all spend too much of our time wishing, pondering, or even complaining about many areas of our lives and the people and environment around us …. Yet spend too little time actually doing something about it.


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Keynote Speaker Workshops

After many years of learning from others, throwing around ideas and most importantly testing ‘what works’.

I am delighted to have been able to leverage off my initial years within the health and fitness industry and as an athlete, together my business & ICT industry knowledge in my role as owner and Managing Director of Data Mobility Voice over the past 20 years to develop a series of ‘keynote presentations’ and ‘workshops’.

For the first time, these are now available to businesses and business leaders and families through ‘Plates on Sticks’.


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